First Man (2017)

6.8/10 IMDb TMDb
  • Runtime 92 minutes
  • Language English
  • Country France
  • Quality HD  
First Man
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Plot :
Man’s early ancestors set off to conquer the world, to explore the unknown, to adapt to every environment... And one day, to conquer fire – a discovery that made them invincible. They built shelters. They transformed their environment. But still this did not slake their thirst for more. They sought to fathom Nature’s mysteries. They invented stories to explain the inexplicable. Now, they are Men. Here, for the very first time in television history, is the saga of our origins, told through the story of one single family - an epic journey upon which the latest scientific discoveries shine an exciting new light. more
First Man
"Thirty million years ago a new group of creatures appeared on planet Earth: the great apes. From their ranks arose one family, gifted with exceptional skills: our protagonists."